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Sunday, February 6, 2011

LuV Is cInTa...CiNtA Is luV...

salam....hahaha..teruja tak bacer tajuk entri....hehehe...sesajer bg tajuk dier gtu...sbb ader lagi satu poem yg ak tulih dalam buku ak nih tp ak x ingat dier aderlah lirik lagu or sajak or aper...ak try gak tulih one phrase kat internet tp aperhal ntah x jumper sumbernyer dari maner....serius x ingt amik dr maner...jd kl korg tbacer nih n korg raser korg tau sumbernyer dari maner or korg raser bnder tuh korg punyer korg bgtau ak k,biaser la....bnder yg bukan dr sumber sdiri...maknernyer bukan hak kiter....hak org...jd perlu dikreditkan .....hehe...

Its because the world has someone like you
That gave me the courage to breathe
Even if everuthing get misty due to tears
In my heart you will always beautiful

The most beautiful miracle in life
In fact it is that I met you
It was you who held my hand
To weather the storm
Leaving the finale for the Lord to decide

*All I ever want is happiness
Using my whole life to pursue it
Letting the star guide the way
No matter how helpless
A last impression with every step

#All I ever want is happiness
Not afraid to take a gamble for love
I won't admit defeat
I won't give in
Staying by your side
No matter how hard
I've already been satisfied.....

psssstttttt: sumtimes raser cam mnarik jer bacer ayat2 puitis in English....hehehe...wink! wink! wink!

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